Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review: What I'd Do For Love by KF Johnson

What I’d Do For Love
By: K.F. Johnson

Greer is the product of an affair and has been paying the price for that all throughout her life.  She has decided to take things into her own hands after her husband cheats on her with a co-worker.  Greer has had enough and will not allow anyone to get away with hurting her in any form or fashion and administers justice in her own twisted way.  Greer is definitely a woman that takes no $!?#.  Do not cross this woman or it could mean your life! She will definitely get even. In the midst of all that is going on, Greer learns a family secret that could tear her world further apart.

Johnson does an excellent job portraying an “angry” woman.  What I’d Do For Love was full of events that will have a reader saying, “Say What!”  Just when I thought it was all over I’d find out that it wasn’t over yet! I did not want the book to end. I truly hope that the story continues and look forward to reading a sequel.

4.5 Stars – Great read!

Reviewed by:  Kei

Book Review: Dangerous Consequences by Lisa Renee Johnson

Dangerous Consequences by Lisa Renee Johnson

Meet Sydney, Donovan, Tony, Tyrese, Joy, and Payton. They are fine, fit, financially savvy, and living life on the ball. Behind the exterior of their ‘perfect’ lives lies deception, dysfunction, and discontent. They are all living a lie.

Sydney is the sexy, straight-laced neurosurgeon married to Donovan “The Sex Doctor” James. His local celebrity status frequently places them on the A-list of all that is happening. It’s a place they are comfortable with. Sydney knows her man is fine, sexy, and is all that along with a bag of chips. And he’s all hers….right?

Donovan has it made. A sexy, successful wife who loves everything about her man and who makes him her priority.  He’s got the job, the girl, the money, and the respect of his peers, as well as a few other perks to brighten his already sparkly world. Things couldn’t be better. Then enters Austyn.

Tyrese is just that guy. Former NBA player turned sports commentator. He’s used to the high life, the women, and the glamour. He has money, prestige, a devoted wife and two precious children. Trouble is, he can’t seem to stay monogamous to save his life….or his marriage.

Joi has toed the line, giving in to whatever her husband desires. She loves him. Always has. For her, he is a dream come true. And the lifestyle he has provided her with certainly doesn’t hurt either. She grew up poor and knows that being rich is definitely better! She’ll do whatever it takes to maintain the life she’s become accustomed to. Trouble is, she can’t seem to make her heart not feel the pain of her husband’s frequent indiscretions.

Tony is a cool laidback cat with much swagger. Women just love him, but he has a lot on his plate with caring for a dying loved one.  Then he crosses paths with one woman willing to make him give his heart. But are her issues too much for a stable guy like him to handle?

Payton is self-absorbed, narcissistic, and out to get hers at any cost. She doesn’t care who she screws….literally. Anything she wants is fair game, even if she has to step all over the next person to get it. Unresolved issues from her past has turned her into this cold, calculating woman. But will she run away the one man who loves her with no strings attached?

This group of friends are having quite a time of keeping up with appearances when all of their unresolved issues land right in their laps, begging to be addressed. The tight knit group could really use the strength and support of each other, but how are they supposed to be help when their own lives are crumbling at their feet? When the dust settles who will remain standing? Will their pack remain in place?

Lisa Renee Johnson has written quite a story. From the starting words until the last, she has brought the intensity, the passion, the fire. Sit back and read the engaging Dangerous Consequences to see how these characters get out of the tangled webs they’ve weaved. It’s an action-packed, rollercoaster of read!

4 stars

Review copy provided by publisher

Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Review: Her Secret Life by Tiffany Warren

Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren

Onika “Nikki” Lewis was born on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. A life wrought with poverty, it was a struggle to keep even her basic needs met by the emotionally inept grandmother who raised her. Tired of being the focus of jokes, ridicule and scorn, Onika set out to use the two things that poverty hadn’t taken from her: her looks and her intelligence. With the help of a mentor, she skyrocketed to the top of her class, securing a full scholarship to the exclusive university of her dreams. Leaving the town where she’d been reared opened up a world of opportunities to the small town girl.

After reinventing herself to fit in with the black elite crowd of the school, all was looking well in Nikki’s world. For the first time in her life Nikki had access to money, friends, and the high life. There was no turning back. Then entered Aaron – the cocky, attractive older guy who set his sights on her. She was no match for his charm and wit. With a wealth of experience, he knew exactly how to wine and dine her right where he wanted her. Not heeding any of the warnings of her mentor, she plunged full ahead into this exclusive lifestyle, hoping it would last forever. But men like Aaron always grow tired of their playthings. He was none too gentle when he pulled the rug out from under her, catapulting her back to a place she swore she’d never revisit.

It was at rock bottom where she was forced to make the hard decisions and see her life through a new set of eyes. But what’s a girl to do who had sworn off God years before when he seemed to be the only one who could help her out of the mess of her life?

As the carefully woven fabric of lies began to unravel around her intricately crafted life, Nikki has decisions to make that will not only affect her future, but will affect her here and now, as those who were there to help her placed a demand that the truth be put on the table…once and for all.

Tiffany L. Warren has written an engaging story of a young woman whom the tragedies of life has scarred and altered. With her back to the wall and feeling as if everything was closing in on her, Nikki did the best she could with the life she’d been dealt. But as with all things done in the dark, eventually the light was shone on her most shameful secrets. Warren tackles the story with grace and compassion for the wounded young woman, with a full understanding that although God was a big key in all Nikki needed, the way to him is not the same for everyone. She exposes the often times hard-hitting reality that there’s more than one way to reach someone and sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board to regroup when what we’re doing isn’t working. That love, in action, is much more powerful than a spoken sentiment. The story is well written although I would have liked to see her go a little deeper in some places. There were also a few areas where the story seemed to have been dropped.  I love how Tiffany isn’t afraid to address real concerns of people and Christian related issues in her writing. Well done.

4 stars

Review copy provided by publisher.
Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

Monday, February 27, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Plan Bea by Hillary Grossman

Plea Bea by Hillary Gross

Beatrice is the mother from hell. She’s self-absorbed, selfish, critical, judgmental, controlling, manipulative and unforgiving. Unfortunately for Anna, she is the one who gets to call Beatrice “mom.” A random phone call turns Anna’s world upside down. Although she has anything a woman could want: successful career, supportive husband who still makes her toes curl, two great children, and money in the bank, years later she still finds herself seeking Bea’s approval and acceptance….a love and acceptance that never comes, despite her numerous selfless efforts.

A tragedy years before destroyed the fragile shreds of their relationship. Against her better judgment, when the call comes in to help Bea plan her wedding, Anna can’t say no. But with a self-absorbed, sharp-tongued, and narcissistic mother like Bea, Anna is pulled too thin and often emotionally battered in her efforts to help.

But all is not lost and things are not always as they seem. Conversations that were late in coming and family secrets long buried come to the surface…but is it enough for Anna to find the healing that she seeks?

Plan Bea is a whimsical story that highlights a dysfunctional mother-daughter duo. At times Beatrice is so over the top I found myself wanting to reach through pages, grab her by the shoulders and tell her to get over herself! In the moments when Anna found her voice…and her backbone…I found myself giving her mental high-fives. This is an enjoyable story with many twists to keep a reader engaged and thrown slightly off kilter…just enough to keep those pages turning to see how it all turns out. Plan Bea is definitely worth a read!

4 stars

Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

Book Review: Perfect Pleasures by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Perfect Pleasures by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Kenzie is a petite, bodacious bombshell. Everywhere she goes she’s used to turning heads. She can have any man she wants….that is except the elusive Zachary Barrett. A gifted journalist, her talents take her half a world away to have an exclusive interview with twin brothers Alexander and Zachary Barrett. She figures this is her chance to kill two birds with one stone: interview her subjects and finally find out the mystery surrounding her father’s disappearance years before. Nothing could have prepared her for what she’d find on this trip. Starting with the open hostility of the man she’s sent to interview.

Zachary is the reigning heavyweight champion of the world. Tall, chocolate, with a body that exemplifies perfection, he is the stuff dreams are made of. Clearly he’s a man who can have any woman he wants. But who would think that this Adonis is gun shy when it comes to women? His heart has been broken, almost beyond repair, and the thought of putting it out to be crushed again is just not a risk he’s willing to take. Despite his bravado, status and extreme wealth, Zach is a man who lives by a code of honor that he can’t break, even when it costs him that which means the most. He is a man who few people can truly say they know and that’s just the way he likes it. All is well in his world until the tiny and breathtaking dynamo from New York, Kenzie Monroe, comes on the scene and turns his world upside down.

The chemistry between Zachary and Kenzie is explosive. It simply leaps off the pages. The complicated pair find themselves at a crossroads when dreams they never allowed themselves to have plop down in their worlds, front and center, demanding to be acknowledged. Although the attraction is extreme, Kenzie and Zach are like oil and water, who frequently find themselves at odds, yet unable to keep away from the other.

This is an enjoyable read with scenes that had me chuckling aloud. The inclusion of Thai culture interspersed throughout the story is a welcome treat. Mello writes with such description at times I felt I was right in the heart of the scenes feeling the mist of the rain upon my face, smelling the fragrant aroma of the flowers, and viewing the amazing Asian countryside. The characters were multi-dimensional and believable. Mello has tapped well into the human behaviors in her writing, sharing their joys, fears, triumphs, heartaches and failures. Although Kenzie is of African American and Thai heritage, she is often shown as hostile, impetus, and easy to trigger, thus perpetuating the stereotype of the angry black woman. I would have liked to see Kenzie embrace all of who she is without having fallen into the stereotype. All in all, it was a very good read and definitely made me want to know more about what goes on with these characters after Perfect Pleasures.

4 stars

Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain