Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review: Crazy In Love by Annabelle Costa

Crazy in Love by Annabella Costa

Have you ever encountered a girl who is the life of the party? Has never gone more than one week without a steady boyfriend since puberty? Is the most beautiful, most popular, most sought out girl in the room? Well that is not Anna Flint. Although cute, with her petite frame and Nordic-looking features, her eccentricities causes everything else about her to pale in comparison. She’s the one no one, not even her family, understands. She’s never invited to parties. She has no social life, no friends, and no potential suitors….and that’s perfectly okay with her.

Bordering on genius, Anna is perfectly content to live in her tidy, structured world, coding and organizing. In her life everything makes perfect sense. It works wonderfully for her. What’s the problem with everyone else?

Matt is a closet nerd, but his good looks and easygoing personality make it easy to miss that. He is the guy next door, All American, athletic type that women fall over themselves trying to impress. He’s living life on his own terms and having a great time at it. If only that pesky ankle issue would go away all would be perfect in his world.

Despite their differences, Matt is drawn to the quirky girl who works in the cubicle next to him. For some reason, he just gets her, but he’d never dream of saying anything to her…or anyone else…about his secret crush.  When unlikely circumstances bring them closer together, they find in each other what they have been missing in every other relationship they possess. But are their oddities too extreme and will love rule in the midst of the craziness of their lives?

Crazy In Love is a whimsical tale of two unlikely souls who meet and are drawn together despite their obvious differences. In an industry where all book boyfriends are alpha males, bad boys, or nearly perfect, it was refreshing to read about two people who were so far from perfect they could easily be the guy and girl next door in real life. Although dealing with serious issues, Costa kept the story lightweight and comical as these two people navigate their internal issues, their external environments, and their eternal heart’s cry to find love. This is such a wonderful and sweet reminder that every person is the perfect cup of tea for someone else and that humans can feel okay in their frailties, not seek perfection, and it’s perfectly and wonderfully okay. Even our imperfections are perfect and serve a purpose.

Well done!

5 stars


Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

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