Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Promise Me Forever by Coco Amoure

Promise Me Forever by Coco Amoure

Promise is a beautiful young woman who is caught up in a life of hell. A prime example of what happens to fatherless daughters, when the older Ameechie steps to her expressing his interest she feels she has struck gold. Before too long she was caught up deep in his web of deception…and worse. Like any woman, Promise just wants to be loved and cherished for the amazing human being that she is. Instead, she is immersed in the psychosis and neurotic behavior of someone else’s issues. Hoping that changing herself or toeing the line will make her situation better, she continues to play the fool to the one who claims to love her, but who is more her enemy than anyone else who has ever been in her life.

Ameechie is for all intents and purposes a bum. Oh sure, he works and has a hustle on the side, but that does nothing to change that who he is internally is not worth the time it would take to write about it. What he does have going for himself is an ability to attract women who love him to the core of their beings, even though he has nothing of worth or value to pour back into them.

Deciding she’s had enough, Promise, puts a plan in place to extract her from the hell of this situation. But will the changes come soon enough to give her the freedom she longs for or is her decision too late, leaving her stuck in a life of hell?

Coco Amoure has penned an extremely relatable story of what happens when good girls end up with bad boys. These are characters who could very easily be people that we know in real life. This story is thick with emotion, yet doesn’t wreak with despair. There is hope for the reader that things will change for the better in the lives of these characters, just as a reader would want the situations to change in a positive direction for any person living through this ordeal. As a side note, I love the character’s names in the series. I have a deep appreciation for the well roundedness of this story, that even though it’s tackling some heavy subjects, there is still humor and beauty within its context.  Good job!

4 stars

Reviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

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