Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review: Invisible God, I'm Waiting by Candice Crear

Invisible God, I’m Waiting by Candice Crear

We all know about the waiting process. It can be horrendous. It will have you questioning if God cares and really loves you. Well, Candice Crear has written an excellent book to encourage and help those that are going through the waiting process.

One thing I learned is to trust God with everything. Yes, He will still look out for you when you make choices outside of His will, but you just may have to wait longer than He originally intended. And don’t think of the waiting process as God’s punishment. It could be a period of restoration, a period of healing, and a period of preparation. I would suggest that the reader use the 21 ways Crear discusses in her book as 21 days. Yes, do a 21 day fast or devotion and apply these nuggets to your life. You will see results, because this is not just an author who is talking the talk, but she has lived this. And I can tell she is passionate about sharing with God’s people, so they can be whole.

I highly and strongly recommend Invisible God, I’m Waiting. It is more than a 5-star book. It is a 10-star masterpiece.


Reviewed by Deborah Dunson

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